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Children, Girls and Women welfare

Women are undoubtedly the backbone of any society. However, their rights are most of the time ignored in many parts of the world, causing oppression, financial dependability and other social injustice.

Our work is to provide and nurture strength, creativity, self-esteem and working ability of women that come to us.

With that foundation, they can become independent and strong enough to bring change and end suffering in their home and society.

We are providing them shelter, food, clothes, awareness programs, vocational education and training.

Our Programs

1.  Swadhar home (for women in women in difficult circumstances)

Shri Ekata Charitable Trust have been SWADHAR HOME since 2006 and we are now sheltering 50 depressed women and 12 of their children. The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi launched the Swadhar scheme in 2002 for rehabilitation of women in difficult circumstances.

Also we are providing food, clothes, shelter, recreation, medical facilities, awareness programs, vocational education and training and opportunity of finding a job to all the women that are in our facilities or interest in joining us.

2. Vocational training programs

Our Trust is providing various vocational training programs that is helping women to improve and learn new skills or to start on their own.

Our vocational programs:

  • Computer training
  • Candle making training
  • Paper plate making
  • Tailoring training
  • Flower knitting
  • Beautician… and many more

3. Women awareness

Our Trust, in order to create awareness among poor women regarding importance of health, is conduction different programs with a purpose of highlighting the importance of women’s health, proper nutrition, awareness of venereal diseases and their consequences, proper guidance during pregnancy and more.

Our focus areas:

  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Health awareness
  • Adolescence girl awareness
  • Safe motherhood pregnancy

4. Santwana helpline

The Trust has executed help line center for women in difficult situations for addressing their problem.

This center is equipped with one councilor and 2 staff (telephone operators) and supported by the department of Women’s and Child Development, New Delhi.

Shelter & home for CHILDREN

Our task is to help poor and unprivileged children to develop their skills, potential and strength.

Our vision is to create society where every child achieves his/hers full potential and becomes educated, happy, independent and self-sufficient so he/she can one day bring peace, harmony and better life for his/hers home, street and nation.

We believe that every child should enjoy the beauty of childhood, play and finish education so that he/she can become productive and socially aware person. Shri Ekata Charitable Trust is providing all this and making sure that all the children are happy.


We are providing shelter and home for poor and underprivileged children.

Out Trust is embracing and helping children that are rejected, living on the street or their parents cannot support them by giving them food, shelter and opportunity for education.


Every year in a month of April and May, we are conducting summer camps.

On those camps, we are teaching children painting, drawing, clay modelling, yoga, drama, music & dancing.

In our facilities, we are also providing indoor games like chess, carem shettle cock etc. so that they can feel happy, creative and play.


We offer Sanskrit classes for those who wish to study and use this ancient language.

After finishing classes, they can offer their service to institutions in such requirement.

This is organized by Karnataka Samskruta University and on completion of class the students will be given a certificate.